Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kitty Sweater with Pattern!

So in a momentery deviation from Christmas knitting i have come up with this. Its for my friend who recently moved to Aberdeen but was down for a visit and requested knitted goods. Seeing as he has also just got a new kicken called Poppy, i designed this, thats right i designed it all my own self, seeing as its chilly in Aberdeen. So without further ado pictures and the pattern, if you have any problems, let me kno and I'll try to fix them, be kind its my first pattern. Any feedback would be appreciated, so comment away.
Poppy Cat Sweater


Domestic Shorthair (common or garden moggy)


MC: any colour you like really of a DK weight yarn, prolly about 50g, certainly much less than 100g
A small amount of red, black and green DK yarn

4mm straight needles
4mm double point needles

2 small stitch holders (I used Kirby grips)
2 bobbins (clothes pegs work well)
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle


4inx4in= 22st x 30 rows in Stocking Stitch



K knit
P purl
St st Stocking Stitch
MC main colour
RS right side
WS wrong side
st stitches
kfb knit into front and back of stitch (this increases by 1 stitch)
pfb purl into front and back of stitch

The motif can be worked intarsia if liked, I just wove in the lagging strand as I went.
I have included both row number and inches so knit as you prefer
Before you start wind 2 bobbins of MC to give 2 separate smaller balls


Cast on, 44 stitches on straight needles, work 1x1 ribbing (K1P1) for 1.3in/10rows On last row kfb 1st stitch and every 5 sts, 53 sts


Work 2 rows St st then for the next 13 rows kfb on the first and last stitches on RS rows and pfb on the first and last stitch of the WS row 81sts

Work 8 rows even, 21 rows from start of St st, finishing with a RS row, next row (WS) purl 39 stitches and then start motif as indicated on chart

Work 6 rows (28 rows from start of St st section) nest row purl 9 st slip 7 st to stitch holder, then with the first bobbin of yarn purl 49 st, incorporating motif, slip 7 st to stitch holder then with 2nd bobbin purl to end. This forms the leg/arm holes

Work these sections separately for 1.8in/14 rows ending on a WS row

Next row k9, cast on 7, k49 (again incorporating motif), cast on 7, k9 all with the main ball of yarn this closes the openings.

Work even until St st section measures 8.2in/62 rows
Work 1x1 rib for 1in/8 rows cast off.


Both worked the same.

With RS facing using double points slip stitches from stitch holder to needle then pick up and knit another 33 st evenly around sides, total 40st
Place stitch marker to indicate start of round
Work St st for 0.5in/4 rows
Work 1x1 rib for 1in/8 rows
Cast off


Sew in all the loose ends and sew up centre seam.


Poppy has recieved her sweater and apparently she is most chuffed with it. I was also sent pictures of her in it, so by special request here we go (I didnt take these, they were taken on my friends phone so the quality isnt great but you get the idea) Isnt she a cutie? Shes just a babby so its a little big on her just now.


Anonymous said...

I think it was really sweet of you to design a sweater for your friend's pet. Nice work, too! The poppy is lovely. Jean in Oregon

Safetyfox said...

I would love to see a picture of the cat in that beautiful sweater. I knitted a puppy sweater for a friend's King Charles spaniel, and my cat was not at all happy to model it. But then she is an old misery.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love the sweater but was wondering if it could be knitted all one colour and if straight needles could be used for the sleeves instead of double pointed needles

Anonymous said...

I dont have double pointed needles so I think I may just try it anyways with straight needles & just stitch up the seam. I think its a cute idea to try out.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I am a volunteer with Cats Protection and I have just knitted your sweater for a wee rescue cat that will need to be shaved by the vet tomorrow as his owner was terminally ill and couldnt care for his long coat. The owner has since died and Minstrel will be re-homed once he has recovered. Another volunteer is knitting a sweater too so he has a change. Well done you for a super design.I will be passing your pattern on to our branches and shelters throughout the UK.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i am going to knit this sweater for our new Sphynx baby which we get next week :)Linda Surrey, England

Donna said...

I have just customized this for one of my chihuahuas and im thrilled to bits with it :)

Anonymous said...

I take my cat for walks on a leash along with my dog. I've been looking for a pattern for a coat for her for a long time. We both thank you!