Friday, October 17, 2008

Lets play catch up!

Well dont I just suck at this blogging thing! I havent meant to not post in so long honest but well life has just got away with me what with weddings to plan etc. There has also been a whole host of technical difficulties not least of all coming home to my computer being on the fritz having it working for around 24 hours and then dying and taking the harddrive down with it (sob) meaning much much loss of stuffs (weep) ((and yes i know i should of backed up)). But anyway I am not going to go into the details of my trip away (i have been home now for just over a week, cry) but there are pictures of the whole shebang here.

What i will give you seeing as this is technically a knitting blog n all is a run down of all the knitting i have finished lately, and there has been a fair bit:

Fuzzy Felted Dice bag, cos i ama big geek.
Yarn is Patons SWS in geranium and the pattern i just kinda improvised myself, sorta made a had with eyeholes and then felted all heck out of it. Ravelry details here.

Mangyle from new Knitty for mr Anthony, now I know what you are thinkign what about the sweater curse, well I figure i have the ring on my finger so its all good and he asked me for it cos he wasnt ever gonna get round to knitting it himself. I finished it at 1.30 the night before i flew back that picture was taken at Seattle airport (hecne the plane). Yarn is Patons classic merino in natral mix, grey mix and worn denim, rav details

Hooded sweater for meeee, photo is kinda soft focus as my mum was cooking pasta in the kitchen when i took the photo (same with the dice bag) so the lens of the camera steamed up!
Pattern is Judith that was in magknits, now i think its on rav somewhere, yarn is Rowan summer tweed in summer berries, had a bit of a yarn issue in that i got halfway thru the hood edge and ran out so had to make a mad dash to the LYS which luckily had some in the right colour, i also got some super awesome buttons from JoAnns that look all vintagey like. Ravelry it up

A cardi for wearing over my bridesmaids dress in Decembeer as it will be chilly! Pattern is Cropped leaf somthing or another from knitty and the yarn is Knitpicks Andean Silk in Pitch (i do enjoy this yarn its squooshy) to Ravelry
Lastly, Thistle Shawly thing, pattern is the Scotch Thistle Stole (which i kinda object to the name as Scotch is whisky but no matter) yarn is handdyed cashmere fromthe knitting goddess in lavender again I ran out but couldnt get more so its a bit forshortened but i think its an ok size now its blocked out. Raaaaav

So thats that, there are a few WIPs as the progess bars attest and soon there will be more as ihave decided in a clear bout of madness that I amgonna cast on a project a day until i runout of needles, but of course this will be stalled onSaturday when i start NaKniSweMo to knit up a supersekrit xmas projecty but generally thre will be lots of Wippery. I also need to do something about spinning up the meagre stash that i have and generally getting the wheel out for the first time in this space!!

Ooh and also we have set ourselves up a wee wedding site which can be reached from the link in the sidebar over there