Thursday, May 29, 2008


It occured that i didnt have that much fibre stash left so i went to investigate:
thats it, thats all i have (well save the never ending roving thats on the wheel and the dragonfiber stuff but that will be saved til this is all done) I reakon thats a months worth tops! Saying that i took the photo prolly a month ago and bugger all has been spun tho i have carded the wensleydale. I think i need to set myself a challenge...

Can i have no fibre stash by the time i leave the country on the 3rd of July? thats a smidge over a month. Can i do it? We'll see...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I have dyed!

Tho despite once again sucking at the blogging i havent died, I really haveno excuse for not poting other than sheer lazyness, I am a bad blogger!!

But anyway stuff, last year at woolfest mum got a natural dyes kit and the in September we got some sock yarn to dye, thus we kept saying oh we should dye this weekend and so on and so forth, but never did, in the mean time i got a hank of knitpicks bare witht the tweedy flecks so i decided that should be dyed, then a couple weekends back we decided we would. So first off needed to make a giant skein to get reasonabloe repeat lengths thus:Having knobs on ones bed is very useful! Mother decided to use a doorhandle and a chair

Next, soaking and mordanting with alum
Then out on to the path on a big length of cling film, it was windy hence my tomato soup addiction vame in useful
Dye was painted on (i forgot to take photos of that really) I ended up doing mums too cos i have the glove and stuff on and they had visitors but she told me what she wanted. Then it was all wrapped up and ready to microwave
After a nuking and rinsing it got left to dry (mine is the one in front)

After they dried they were would up and looked a little something like this:
mine (before it was wound)a swatch of mine knitted up, not quite self patterning but still pretty, see how mums looks when she gets to it.

Friday, May 09, 2008

I know, I know

Again with the sucky blogging but in my defense I have been busy

I had to give my presentation on my project last friday and i needed something to wear thus i pushed to finish the sweater i had been working on:
DNA! fitting no? Its the DNA shell knitted in knitpicks cotlin in morrocco

Talk went ok i think, Ellie took pictures of me recaffinating afterwards:slightly better shot of the DNA

Then being as how we were having a heat waave i decided to knit me some gloves...

First on Sunday i knitted these:

A variation on the theme of Irish Hiking mitts, in Patons SWS which is quite nummy. I took out one of the cable else they were gonna be giant and i knitted in the round and made them a bit longer.

Then on monday i made these:Eowyn from some Rowan booklet in Debbie Bliss Soho, and er yeah thats not a trick of the light, of the 3 balls i had i decided not to use the 2 that were the same dyelot oppsie!
Modelled, i suspect they will be put away til its chilly.

I also made my Sobe "scones"

the inverted commas are there because really these are not entirely scone like, well they are scone but they have things not commonly found in scones, like jalapenos and bacon! still quite tasty tho