Thursday, September 27, 2007


Right lemme try and recap...

Went up to Inverness at the weekend, en route we took a wee detour to Twist Fibre Craft which was most most fantabulous, i was good an only bought some beadses mother was less restrained...

On the way home my gran presented me with a fun fur scarf kit, now iknow some folks like that kinda thing but well I'm not one of them but since i was in the car and had nothng else to knit (entrelac socks hate me) i made these instead!

I justkinda made up the pattern in the car (cast on enough stitches to be long enough i did 32 on 8mm needles, knit until it goes around your arm/wrist/hand then seam leaving a thumbhole)

Then on Sunday night the loverlicious Peri and her hubby came to stay over en route to the Fair Isle, loverly loverly folkiesand since they couldnt bring me a real kitty they brought tis

as well as the loverly choccie goodness and some rootbeer nyom!

Monday to Wednesday i was away at Firbush outdoor centre on Loch Tay with uni so we could "bond" which i think we did I had a shot at windsurfing, (hopefully pictures will be forthcoming) i managed to remian upright a few times but more often thannot i was submerged i n the very cold loch!!

Being the insomniac i am i got up early and took some pretty pictures

Loch Tay at sunrise. Also saw deer and red squirell but wasnt fast enough withthe camera

There were also a lot of pretty rainbows

(taken on my phone cos i didnthave mycamera at the time)

While there i did some sock knitting:

2 at once! no SSS!

On the way home after mum picked me up we went to ikea for tea (meatballs yum!) as we were coming out we saw this
doesnt fully justifyy how red it was but well. It looked like the end of the World was nigh!

When i got home i had parcels awaiting, some 2,25mm bamboo DPNs, i will make the entrelac socks my bitch

Also a parcel from Suuuuue

Mushoom stitch markers! wheee

Another sock in progress transportaion device... some closeups?
funky no? this one has even more inner holding bits!!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Sock Transportation Devices

Remember this?Sock baggy made by the wonderous Ms Sue.

I promised reviewing?

I have to say its quite spiffy! Good not only for the transportation of sockies but all sortsa knitting projects that are on the smaller scale. Good for carryiong ones purse phoneand other fripperays one carries on a daily basis, Hell i have used mine as a handbag without any knitting content!

I like the wee pockets inthe inside can keep stitch markers from running away as they are prone and the elasticy loops make for good storing of the scissors etc

Generally thumbs up, good size, notto big to be cumbersome, bg enough to hold anything one may require. I do likey!

Now if you have been convinced you can get your very own here

Go forth and shop!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


While there hasnt been any knitting, i decided to try my hand at some crochet! I made squares
Squares became a scarf!

wonderfully modeled by mums whim vase.

Its the Pom Pom trimmed scarf from easy crocheted accesories by Carol Meldrum, in Rowan chunky print, girly pink.

We went to New Lanark for free cups of tea, and i resisted buying yarn. I did see Lyndsey and got a bee tattoo woo
the back of my head looking towards New Lanark, note the knitting needles as hair accessories!

There has also been spinning:
Milk protein attempting to be laceweight, more to come...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Quizzerly Intermission

I'm on a self imposed knitting ban due to sore shoulders thus there isnt much happening in these parts so some quizes!

I am Elinor Dashwood!

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fuzz fuzz fuzz

This post brought to you mainly from my new phone. Whee

well at least that bit was hurrah for new phone and blogging capabilities (when i getcamera charged I'll take a photo, for now its an ericsson w660i)

Look at the fuzzy feet! wheee, before felting they lookie like this
big big big socks huuuuuge

took less than a day each, felted last niht now they did

Giftie for myfriends mummy who gaved me lotsa yarny!!

Well maybe not

So any keen eyed readers will have noticed the wee cyclibng progress bar over theer has been a tad static of late. Reading the archivestell me that my original goal was the 1st of september, its now the 4th, oh well. Yesterday i cycled forthe first time in months! I thinkwe will resasses and set the new goal as Christmas, lets see how that goes,...

Monday, September 03, 2007

There has been shopping

One went to East Kilbride in thehopes of getting a new telephonic communications device, this mission failed as i had to phone the customer services to upgrgade, which i have since done shiny new phone arrives 2moro.
East Kilbride has changed somewhat since ones last visit, its become huuuuge and they have a new food court in which i discovered thewonders of Muffin Break! i tell you the place is genius soo many choices, it took a good 5 mins to decide!

Anyway as well as muffin eatting (*titter*) there was shopping, first i went to claires in search of laces for the DMs but i also spotted these and had to have them

My dad asked me how old i am, the answer 6 anda half, but are they not fabulous? and will keep the lugs toasty. As an aside you can also just see the top i got onmy fairly unsucessful shopping trip to glasgow.

I did also fulfil the objective of lace getting:
Dunno if you can see but what look like dots on the blacksquares are skullies.

Also in east kilbride we went for a nebby in some electrical type plaves partly cos i want a car chargerand adapter for my 'pod and partly cos father wanted to look at tellies, anyway on the way out we spotted one of them new fangled tefal quick cup things, father had been intregued by these and i suggested i could get one for my room and thus i did! (i think at least in part cos he wanted to play with it, but he has his flavia anyway) thus i have now a rather sweet set up

TV, computer and kettle all within arms reach!

Close up of kettle, adn my rather bad taste in DVDs but nevermind...

I did me some ebay shopping too
ball winder wheeeee,muchmuch fun has been had making yarn cakes.

Now i dunno if this entirely counts as shopping but well.

Thanks to the genius that is ravelry, i managed to arrage a little swap with the rather spendiferos Trudi for some summer tweed after which i have been hankeri ng for sone time for hoodie knitting porpoises.
Ane because she is extra fabbulous she sent me some rahter spiffy patons jet because i like pink!!yum!!