Sunday, October 28, 2007

I likes me some shiny things...

let us start with a shiny FO:

Venezia napkin rings! glamourously modelled by my new wooden hand.

the shiny wire beadyness inspired me thus when we went to hobbycrafts thing at SECC yesterday i buyed:
crochet with wire, wire and lots of shiny beadses mmm beadses:shiny


shiny shiny haematite

I also collected some fat quarters

which may become SIPTD all going to plan.

Birthday Haul!!

so i aged! 24 thats old! there were gifts to comemorate my aging. i shall detail said gifts (even tho its taken a week for me to get round to taking photoes)There were DVDs (yes i love the gilmore girls dont judge me!)
A duck, the funkiest socks in the world, bracelet, earrings and purse
silicon muffin cases
books! there is knitting in the great big glorious book for girls you'll be glad to kno, it also tells you how to get boys woo!
I also recived a giftie from mdm Sue, a floofy pink wensleydalescarf kit and skully skully stitch markers!

wheeeee thank you evey bunny!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In which i am extremely chuffed...

so yes i be quite chuffed with my latest FO:I think its the nicest thing i have knitted to date (at least of the things for me) and i am very pleased with it, also that i finished it in time to wear it for my birthday at the weekend!!

Pattern: Holiday romance from Simply Knitting mag
Yarn: RYC Cashcotton in shade #605

I also have some WIPs
Venezia Napkin rings
Toe up Opal Crazy socks (2 at a time no SSS here)

And a tweed beret (but for some reason blogger wont let me upload the piccy)

Now those among you that can count may not that this is 3 WIPs what you may asked happend to project monogany? Well i can explain..

The socks are my travelling project that live in my bag and get knit on at uni etc.The napkin rings i have ran outta wire for so am waiting for more which meant i cast on the hat, which seeing as its for Katy doesnt count anyway right??

Got milk?

I has

Milk protein fibre (i dunno?) tis uber soft and silky!

gots about 204 yds of laceweightish outta 37.5g

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I falled off the wagons

So I had been doing super well with the not buying yarn thing i hadnt bought any in some time!

But well i stumbled, was charity shopping on Thurday went tothe PDSA shop bimbled aroundand came upon a wall of yarn, mainly odd balls of acrylic and what not then i saw this:
I was like hmm yarn named after meeee but i dont need yarn no yarn for me, so i left the shop.

But then it nibbled at me and i am weak so i went back and was like hmmi could knit nice things with

I bought 20 balls tho it was in packs of ten, for a tenner eachwhich is cheap. AND it helps charity so thats good right??

But anyway its Patons Fiona i think its kinda between an aran and a DK. i see Cardigan for Arwen in its future.

I did resist the 15 balls of deep magenta 3ply wool, so thats summat right??

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


New shoes! Most awesomest shoes ever! Fact

Saturday, October 06, 2007


So i have an essay write and am procrastinating (altho i have now put pen to paper or more acurately fingers to keyboard) I am lacking inspiration thus have decidedto go for an intelectul look to see if it helpslike the socks? mother knitted em

This week has been fairly unexciting, first whole week back at uni, got info about projects so I am bimbling about trying to speak to the various supervisors so i can makemy choices, do i go for something interesting but not overly related to my future life or more related less interesting? Not to mention geographical location! Um what else? We were being geeky this week, I had my sparkly red shoes on and the sunwas reflecting off them onto the wall we decided it looked like a time lapse video of cells tht had some sorta fluorescent stain see what you think:

apologise for the crappy quality vid was taken on my phone!

What else has happened? not a lot, played uno always fun. Had some very good Mexican food on Wednesday (Tex Mex II on thistle street in edinburgh if your interested)

I have started drinking coffee again, mainly cos it means i dont need to get off my arse to get milk, my allegiance doesstil lie with the tea tho.

I am rambling i should cease...