Saturday, October 13, 2007

I falled off the wagons

So I had been doing super well with the not buying yarn thing i hadnt bought any in some time!

But well i stumbled, was charity shopping on Thurday went tothe PDSA shop bimbled aroundand came upon a wall of yarn, mainly odd balls of acrylic and what not then i saw this:
I was like hmm yarn named after meeee but i dont need yarn no yarn for me, so i left the shop.

But then it nibbled at me and i am weak so i went back and was like hmmi could knit nice things with

I bought 20 balls tho it was in packs of ten, for a tenner eachwhich is cheap. AND it helps charity so thats good right??

But anyway its Patons Fiona i think its kinda between an aran and a DK. i see Cardigan for Arwen in its future.

I did resist the 15 balls of deep magenta 3ply wool, so thats summat right??


glittrgirl said...

Gorgeous! I love that colour. Go back for the magenta..... you know you want to, and it IS a good deed after all..... three ply=lace :D

prairiegirl said...

I'm with glittrgirl.... go get that magenta! Afterall - it's good to do good deeds! (and about the Fiona - of course you had to buy it! It was absolute fate that you should. And you really shouldn't mess around with fate, I figure! If I found wool named after myself you bet I'd be snapping it up in a heartbeat! :)