Saturday, March 29, 2008

And another one

Another bag, another door handle
You kno the drill by now, yarn is some linen stuff Yorkie gave me. What I hear you cry is that pink stuff showing through?


the first yarn i have bought since October! the best part? it was £1.99 for the lot from oxfam woo charity shops. I'm fairly sure thats its wool, bargaintastic!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Need a hand?

So we went the other day to ge chairs for my grandparents, ones that help you standup, we went to a shop that sold all sorts of mobility aids ad other things that help you when you are less than spritely any more. We spotted this?Which made me giggle, because well I'm imature like that, but then when we noticed the label on it we all but fell over laughing:
thats right a "bottom buddy" I wonder why they replaced that...?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Introducing Venus...

"The new venus" or at least I'm sure she was back in the 1970s or whenever when my mum got her! but I have claimed her as knitwear model extrordinare and other such shenanigans. Thus allow me to introduce Venus:
Who clearly has no shame.

Next, on my drive to do skyence every day i pass a lot of sheep what with it being the countryside n all, ans as it is that time of year there are lambs a plenty.

First up regular common or garden ones with a twist:
They decided waslking away as the photo was being taken was a good plan. There are several fields of lambs all in there wee blue jackets, which apparently save a lot of lifes cos if wee bodies get wet they get very cold very quickly.

Then there are a field of Zewarbles which i couldnt get brilliant pictures of but you get the idea
The lambs are stupid cute, pure black save a white blaze and wee socks with ears at right angles to their heads.

Next, In shocking events there has been knitting, finished knitting even!

Yet another Saturday morning bag, this time in knit picks sparkles in sunset and sirdar firefly in midnight (suitably themey colourways no?) really i think this is so fug its fab! Also the 4 I have made thus far got a testing at Tesco this eve and fared well.

And therres more...

The clap! really it is infectious. in Lornas laces shepard sock in daffodil, hence the flowers behind it.

And of course as i couldnt possibly just have 2 WIPs I cast on again for the entrelac socks with smaller needles, still seemed a bit wide but i perseverd and it seems oki now:

Thats it, I'm on holiday for 3 weeks so maybe I'll get round to posting more than weekly, tho reports have to be written and boyfriends shall be visited so we'll see

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For the love of Yorkie...

Once again Yorkie came to visit, well eventually after Fifi the whore tried to get her to walk to Lanark!

As is tradition she came bearing goodies and yarns!
goodies! note the HH for father who is quite taken by it!
Yarns! lots of yarns! inc some rather nice Noro...

She also brought me my xmas pressie!

On Saturday we went to the creative stitches and hobbycrafts show at the SECC. We saw knitted gingerbread house

We generally perused and reeled in horror at fun fur sweaters
This turned out not to be the instructional manual we thought it might be
The embroderers guild had some displays including this which we both agreed resembled a certain knitties husband...

Throughout the whole thing i was very restraint and all i got was:
Checked fabric that will ultimnately become a shirt.

There was knitting too!

The bag of the beads is finito!
PAttern is Saturday morning market bag (again!) yarn is patons grace, beads are hama esque which my father spend an evening threading for me so muchos props to him!

After Yorkie departed we did a very Sunday thing and went to garden centres where i got a seed tray andf got my first load of seeds planted up

So we shall see how they grow!

Finally a little artists impression for Yorkie...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The start of a new obsession...

First off i suppose i have some catching up to do, I finished the sockies, the 2nd was much quicker, isnt knowing what you are doing fabulous. Thus:The only thing i could find that was baby leg sized was some spice jars.
Yarn is brown sheep wildfoote in columbine, pattern be here

Next the purchases! By popular demand a picture of my new fabulous shoes:

Arent they pretty?

And most bargainiferousyness:
Hippo fabric! about 2 or 3 metres maybe more, how much did it cost me?? 50p!!! From the bargain corner in Ikea wheee

Close up of a hippo! I think i will make it a very cute summer dress!

Next, another FO and the subject of the title:

Another Saturday morning market bag, this time in Rowan Linen print in blush. Once again with the modifications, in the round, only 60 stitches and i made 2 handles not one.
Dont we think the pictures have a certain New England colonial quality?

Which brings me to the obsession forming, the bag contains balls of yarn which will equally be made into thes e bags, i think i will end up with 7 or so when i am done including this one :
I got a tub of hama style beads for 37p and figured that they would brighten up a fairly dull beigy yarn and make a cute bag, so we'll see.

However trying to knit with yarn with several thousand beads on it is somewhat troubling so i developed a systemHanging the yarn over the light in a pulley esque system!!

I think thats it for now, adios!