Saturday, October 31, 2009


There has been much making of things (well much is relative but still). Firstly there has of course been knitting:

5 hour sweater for a boy (or a girl, dunno what its gonna be yet):

Dont think it took as much as 5 hours even, I did alter the patterrn slightly as i felt it kinda odd but other than that its more or less as it says on the tin. Ravelry details.

Next Amused, for me. I like this its pretty. Photo isnt the greatest tho...

I have no head eep! Ravelry Details

Lastly, pinwheel blanket for the same baby as the cardi (all the cardis...) I made a somewhat mammoth effort to finish this before a week past friday alas that did not happen (somehow trying to knit 1200 rows/12 or so feet of edging in a day whilst also working didnt happen...) I did get it done tho:

Now the non-knitting! First up stitch marker, which are kinda knitting related:
Silver twisty jump rings with freshwater rice pearls, that i got at hobbycrafts thing at the SECC last week (there was yarn purchasing too maybe more on that later), which means i now have 51 new nondangling markers huzzah!

Definately not knitting, there was a bakesale at work yesterday for breast cancer awareness thus i made cupcakes that Siress Yorkie herself would be proud of:
Under the fondant they are coconut and raspberry cupcakes, which were deemed to be suitably tasty (recipe).

It is of course Halloween, and in due accordance i donned costume (which I did not make):
The pumpkin however i did carve (with a little help from Martha)

Of course in the spirit of economy (or something) I didnt just carve my pumpkin and discard the rest no no

The seeds were toasted with (perhaps too much) chilli:

I scraped out as much of the flesh as i could and its cooked down and frozen ready to be made into some delicious pumpkiny dessert goodie:I believe that is all for now, I was going to go and knit some more of the neverending (because apparently I cant knit with the power of my mind) baby cardigan but i think instead bed and a good book are calling!

Also it would appear that this post was sponsered by brackets (or parenthesis depending on your orientation with regards the Atlantic)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I want your money!

Well actually Aspire wants your money! I'm doing this which is kinda silly but well its a challenge innit!
If you want to sponsor me then there is the widget in the side bar or youcan go straight here!

I'll put a little progress bar up too, so far I have done 570/1770 lengths, and if i can be arsed moving I may do more this afternoon!

Now get sponsoring!

thank you in advance ;)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Well Meh!

here we are again nearly 4 months since i last posted, no excuses just an overall mehness. I could use the whole getting married thing as an excuse but well it wasnt all that stressful realy, when i get around to it i'll post some photos (expect that arund january)

I suppose i should show you what i have done this year, i think this is almost everything i have knitted since about February! Hopefully nothing I have shown you before but if so i apologise.
Rather than bog everything down with lots of images here is a natty flickr mosaic of everything with links to the bigger photos!

Originally uploaded by bumblefee.

1. P1010075, Sedum Cardi for me. Ravelry

2. DSCF2089, Sheep Yoke Cardi for soon to arrive baby. Ravelry

3. IMG_6663, Aeolian Shawl for me. Ravelry

4. P1020069, stripey cardi for above baby. Ravelry

5. P1020066, Cabled drops cardi for same baby. Ravelry

6. P1020060, Imagine Sweater birthday gift for MIL. Ravelry

7. P1010940, Pirate mittens for me. Ravelry

8. P1010938, earflap hat for me. Ravelry

9. P1010826, Vinnland socks. Ravelry

10. P1010823, foray into crochet #2. Ravelry

11. P1010822, foray into crochet #1. Ravelry

12. P1010818, Dr Horrible style wristwarmers. Ravelry

13. P1010813, Batman jumper. Ravelry

14. P1010811, Lacy gloves. Ravely

15. P1010775, Lacy hat. Ravelry

16. P1010761 Aran Jumper. Ravelry

Not a lot to show for close to 9 months knitting but there we go.
Have also added twitter widget, I seem to manage to update in 140 character or less more often.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey look, its me again!

And once again i completely brainfart on the blogging, I can make excuses: wedding planning, work etc but really its just being lazy.

I have been knitting tho and in an attempt to not get overly picture heavy and get more than a post every 3 months i shall blog things individually.

without further ado: Mittens!

You may remember somewhere in the mists of time i knitted the full length bellas mittens for Katy, well they were so well recieved that her mum wanted a pair in black in a more regular mitten length and thus:

Its Bella's mittens (again) in lambs pride bulky in onyx (i think, black anyway)
Ravelry deets herererere.

Friday, April 03, 2009

I wants your money!

Have decided to the the Cancer Research Race for life thing, thus I want your monies!

Sponser me here

(Also putting it in the sidebar)

Sunday, March 01, 2009


We decided at work we needed a lab mascot, and naturally it should be a dinosaur called Reg. We decided that instead of trying to buy one I would knit one, thus pattern search ensued, there are little to no T-Rex patterns it turns out.

In the end my mum found an Alan Dart pattern (this one) which i modified to make into a dino!

Hence I give you Reg:
knitted in various colours of acrylic.

*dinosaur for I love you...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter Woolies!

Whats this? Knitting something that isnt a cosy for some form of electrical device? Shocker!

However I havent quite managed to escape the knitting for others tho.

After we went to see the film that shall not be spoke of my dear friend Katy decided that she musthave the mittens in it thusi was set to task, a quick ravelry search yielded multiple patterns but i went for the freest and the chunkiest as i felt them truest to the original, yarn was ordered (i had actually hoped it would be darker, boo to monitor colour shindiggery). Yarn arrived and 2 days later Katy had mittens:
I do not seem to have escaped the knitting for others loop as now her mum wants a pair, thus i have to find a nice black chunky weight yarn...
Details: Yarn is patons Inca and the Pattern is Bella's Mittens from here. Rav it up over here.
It was a good pattern to knit and cos of the chunkyness quick quick.

I have managed to fit in some knitting for me! Its cold and the only hats i have are either a touch big or a touch smAll and tend to compress my hairto the point that i cant see thus a new one was in order...


(excuse the emo hair it needs cutting)

Back:Its Meret by Wooly Wormhead, the first time I've tried one of her patterns and I must say it was a very pleasent experience, it was a super quick knit, only a couple of evenings simple but not boring and the end result is ace, it also gave me a good reason to trymy new blocking boards.
The yarn is Arawhatsit nature wool solids and apparently neverending, i started with 2 balls, knit a pair of quite large slippers, then this hat and still have over half a ball left! What next?
Rav details.