Saturday, October 31, 2009


There has been much making of things (well much is relative but still). Firstly there has of course been knitting:

5 hour sweater for a boy (or a girl, dunno what its gonna be yet):

Dont think it took as much as 5 hours even, I did alter the patterrn slightly as i felt it kinda odd but other than that its more or less as it says on the tin. Ravelry details.

Next Amused, for me. I like this its pretty. Photo isnt the greatest tho...

I have no head eep! Ravelry Details

Lastly, pinwheel blanket for the same baby as the cardi (all the cardis...) I made a somewhat mammoth effort to finish this before a week past friday alas that did not happen (somehow trying to knit 1200 rows/12 or so feet of edging in a day whilst also working didnt happen...) I did get it done tho:

Now the non-knitting! First up stitch marker, which are kinda knitting related:
Silver twisty jump rings with freshwater rice pearls, that i got at hobbycrafts thing at the SECC last week (there was yarn purchasing too maybe more on that later), which means i now have 51 new nondangling markers huzzah!

Definately not knitting, there was a bakesale at work yesterday for breast cancer awareness thus i made cupcakes that Siress Yorkie herself would be proud of:
Under the fondant they are coconut and raspberry cupcakes, which were deemed to be suitably tasty (recipe).

It is of course Halloween, and in due accordance i donned costume (which I did not make):
The pumpkin however i did carve (with a little help from Martha)

Of course in the spirit of economy (or something) I didnt just carve my pumpkin and discard the rest no no

The seeds were toasted with (perhaps too much) chilli:

I scraped out as much of the flesh as i could and its cooked down and frozen ready to be made into some delicious pumpkiny dessert goodie:I believe that is all for now, I was going to go and knit some more of the neverending (because apparently I cant knit with the power of my mind) baby cardigan but i think instead bed and a good book are calling!

Also it would appear that this post was sponsered by brackets (or parenthesis depending on your orientation with regards the Atlantic)

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ooooh i am a fan of the costume and pumpkin!