Saturday, October 03, 2009

Well Meh!

here we are again nearly 4 months since i last posted, no excuses just an overall mehness. I could use the whole getting married thing as an excuse but well it wasnt all that stressful realy, when i get around to it i'll post some photos (expect that arund january)

I suppose i should show you what i have done this year, i think this is almost everything i have knitted since about February! Hopefully nothing I have shown you before but if so i apologise.
Rather than bog everything down with lots of images here is a natty flickr mosaic of everything with links to the bigger photos!

Originally uploaded by bumblefee.

1. P1010075, Sedum Cardi for me. Ravelry

2. DSCF2089, Sheep Yoke Cardi for soon to arrive baby. Ravelry

3. IMG_6663, Aeolian Shawl for me. Ravelry

4. P1020069, stripey cardi for above baby. Ravelry

5. P1020066, Cabled drops cardi for same baby. Ravelry

6. P1020060, Imagine Sweater birthday gift for MIL. Ravelry

7. P1010940, Pirate mittens for me. Ravelry

8. P1010938, earflap hat for me. Ravelry

9. P1010826, Vinnland socks. Ravelry

10. P1010823, foray into crochet #2. Ravelry

11. P1010822, foray into crochet #1. Ravelry

12. P1010818, Dr Horrible style wristwarmers. Ravelry

13. P1010813, Batman jumper. Ravelry

14. P1010811, Lacy gloves. Ravely

15. P1010775, Lacy hat. Ravelry

16. P1010761 Aran Jumper. Ravelry

Not a lot to show for close to 9 months knitting but there we go.
Have also added twitter widget, I seem to manage to update in 140 character or less more often.

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