Thursday, May 31, 2007

To Recap

Yes i havent posted in a week or so, I have been collecting photoes tho...

First an FO hurrah i finished something!!Dream swatch scarf from knitandtonic in SWTC bamboo in Serendipity. Quite glad to finish this, tho i need to block it again.

This week i made pancakes according tothe recipe Sarah sent me along with the mold
Pancakes went down very well father thot them to be especially tasty, thanks for the recipe!

I also had a wee spinny on the wheel:
Seems to be going reasonably well so far, shall keep you posted.

Monday, damama and i took the auldies to Peebles for their hodilays and had a wee wander round, I may be beaten for this...
I was instructed to buy myself something nice, that wasnt from a charity shop thus i bought this:
Which leads me to the other purchases i made this week
Yarn pirate!!! wheeeeee
Jelly lounger! this one and a green one for my dear friend, we shall take them on day trips and lounge in the sun (haha)!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

While you were out....

I came home to find parcels! Firstly from my fabby SP highlanddancemom03 a wee parcel with some very nice pink yarn which looks like it may be handspun? There wasnt anything indicating anything about it in the parcel but my squidge sensors suggest some alpaca content? Whatever it is its loverly!
Also some very nice roving:Which was very handy seeing as how just befre i went away i had a wee accident on ebay and well bought this:

Its an Ashford i believe tradional but its quite lovely, might need a wee bitty tinkering with, and for me to learn how to use it properly but well i ave a wheel wheeeee
It also came with the usual bits and bobs
Lazy Kate and niddy noddy and some fleece for playing with!

The train keeps a rollin'

10 trains, 4 buses, 3 tubes and 4 cars later and I'm home!!
Went on a little adventure, partly to visit my friend Kerrie and partly to hook up with some Knitties!

My main stop was Oxford which is very nice! Spent most of Thursday on a train getting there so it should well be, had cheap dinner and that was about it! Observed Kerries envy inspiring garden:

Yes thats the bottom of the garden with a river and boats!!

Friday i went into London to meet up with Sue and toggle. First tried to find a shop which as it turns out missed by a hairs breadth! Also looked at granny square blankets in Cath Kidson (£125! Acrylic!) Then we went to the natural history museum, via the V+A for luncheon.

Sue outside the Natural History museum, I'll leave the rest of the picture to your imagination..
L-R Sue, toggle's girlchild, toggle on giant lips!

We went round the NH museum looked at dinosaurs (including the 2 wang o saurus) animals and shiny shiny rocks!! All in all twas a splendid way to spend an afternoon!!
Friday evening I went scuba diving!! Just a try dive thing in the swimming pool, it was surprisingly fun and i didnt drown, I also got a certificate!

Saturday we did Oxford things, Kerrie's boyfriend Chris joined us. He is an Oxford Don (something in the Uni) so we got a fair look round the uni and i have lots of nice piccies of Oxford from atop a tower.
First we went punting as thats like the law or something, thankfully Chris also used to race punts so we didnt have to worry about trying to do it ourselves, we saw at least 1 person who got it wrong and ended up in the river!!

Kerrie and Chris apunting
Then we went to try and find yarn shops, there arent any it seems... Then had yummo bangers and mash.
Saturday night there was a special evening at the Natural History and Anthropology musuem in Oxford, which was really quite fun there was Tibetan monks

African gumboot dancers, and a torchlight trail round the anthropology part, glow in the dark scorpions and lots of other things to see, it really was worth going to and i think may require a further visit as we didnt see everything!

Sunday it was back onto a train to sunny (surprisingly it was) Yorkshire to visit the delightful Yorkie and her family in her very very nice house! Was a very much whistle stop visit, Sunday night was knitting and gabbing (is there a finer way to pass an evening). Monday we went for a wee walk round the very quaint (hahahahahaha) village, up the hill:

to an old ruined church with a grave of a woman who died in 1743 aged nearly 120 which is quite an achievement if you ask me!

All in all a splendid weekend, tho if someone can invent a matter transporter before my next trip i would be most grateful

Monday, May 14, 2007

Love Thy Knitty

I've been doing me some more shopping at the mall of the knitties. I bought these:
Lovely lovely stitchmarkers made by Ana that she sells in her shop I got me a little selection of her wares tho i could be tempted to order me some more especially of the wee pink ones most pretty!!

Next specially for CKPictures of my flax seedlings which are positively shooting up this is a week of growth!! Seem to be fairly basic Dicot leave layout.

Lastly, I was sat here last night when i heard a squealling looked out the window and there were a couple of kittys in the garden possibly fighting or at least giving each other a good square go but whatever one of them was giant! look at this beast:This was as much of a close up as i could get from my window, i tried to zoom more but they went blurry but ya get the idea, thats one big assed kitty!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yarn (and Fiber) Pron Friday (ish)

Yes I know its saturday, but well a) yesterday my camera battery was deid and b) some of this didnt actually arrive til today!
It is a truly international YPF as well shall we start in Germany? Yes, well you should by now be aware of my quest for black opal uni, Opal comes from Germany thus one spoke nicely to the very lovely Susann who fixed it for me (ref...) to get some direct from opal (cos they are mean and dont ship to the UK) sooo seeing as i was getting black stuff might as well get more...
The black for my entrelac sockie and Regenbogen to do Mermaid socks
Mother also bought yarn (boy did she) but you'll have to visit her blog to see it cos well its hers
There is some disputed territory however as one of the things i ordered was unavailable so they send a free skein of Herbstmelodie (how nice are they) which as yet has not been claimed so it may show up on both blogs..
Pretty huh.
As well as shiny yarn goodness Susann also send me a German knitting mag and what she termed some "embarrasing" books so that i can practise my German again
Also in the package was some nice hazelnut brittle choccies, not pictured not because i have eaten then all but because i had put them away so i dont eat them all in a oner!

Shall now proceed westwards to stuff I've bought myself here... Bad me i know
Pink and goldish 4 ply to knit me some Anemoi mittens cos frankly they rock
And just for a wee whim
These cos they are redonkulously cute!!
We shall now proceed on our yarn tour to the US now this is where my geography lets me down but I'll try and proceed west in order...

First up my very own colourway!!
Bumblefee Sock yarn!! Hand dyed by the ever so talented and fabulous Artsygal and then bought from her shop. She had been chatting and asking for colour suggestions and i put forward this and here it is my very own yarn. Its yummy gonna knit me some v-special sockie with this i thinks altho mother did suggest i should just display it and pet it now and then...

Next my sweet swap parcel from Zanne who very kindly since she knows of my attempts to svelte sent other things than sweeties wheeeeSome smelly stuff which is num, 3 (there were 4 ho hum) little choccy mousey things, a big dod of fudge some laffy taffy and a tim with some yarn and a pattern and stuffing.
Shall we look more closely at the yarn?Some Pagonia Cotton, tis squidgable!!!

Last and by no means least some more custom dying just for meeeee. KnittingKitty has just started dying fiber and i saw one of her colourways that i liked but asked could it be in pink and thus here it isPink and Pewter BFL, I've heard BFL is easier to spin that merino so now i can find out. You can get some squicshy yarn of your own in her etsy store Dragonfibers

And thats it, I am now on a strict yarn diet so there might not be any for a while but well if you believe that...

Remember kids support your local knitty!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Great Vegetable Experiment 07, Day 66

So much growing!!


Drumroll please!
The garlic has finally reared its head, i had pretty much given up in, fickle thing that it is.

Potatoes are coming up like no ones business
I'm sure i have to bank (? ) them sometime tho i dunno when..
Also powering ahead

Some slightly iffy stick the camera under the fleece and hope for the best shots...

Peas growing and doing there thang
Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflowers getting big too

Carrots in the barrel growing nicely
Lastly outside a new addition, some bean plants, they went in on friday built them a wigwam of canes then on Sunday gale force winds decimated them somewhat:
Thus we shall wait and see...


Courgettes are growing a few wee buds starting
Pepper, also showing wee buds so should be planted out into the grow bag, maybe tonights taskTomatoes! Getting big and i think all the plants are flowering
The biggest on the right is about as tall as me (I'm 5'8)
And most excitingly(is that a word?)
Tomatoes!! Actual tomatoes about marble sized, i think i have 4 in all these 2 a smaller one and a totty wee one.

Lastly some new additions indoor, not techincally vegetables but still crops:
In the big pot cotton and in the wee one flax

Can you see where i am going with this??

Friday, May 04, 2007


Gerrad came! Gerrad came!! And boy did he bring some fabby treats!!
Look at all this haul:
Time for the close ups! Now as my fabbtastic SP was Highlanddancemom03 and from Canadia there was a maple theme to the old parcel
First up:A maple leaf pancake mould and a pancake recipe.
And whats a panacake without...
Maple Syrup, geeenyoooine Canadian too,
And to enjoy with it maple hot chocolate sounds yummy to me!
Next up
Maple leaf soap spiffy
And now the yarny goodness, it is Friday after all!
Sock yarn called Scheepjes (best yarn name ever) and a Maple Sugar sock pattern woohoo
Gedifra kid mohair, fully snorgled by both my parents!
Some v-pretty stich markers!
And lastly...
Root beer jelly bellys!!! Thus ensuring my life long and undying love!!!

Thank You Highlanddancemom03!!!