Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yarn (and Fiber) Pron Friday (ish)

Yes I know its saturday, but well a) yesterday my camera battery was deid and b) some of this didnt actually arrive til today!
It is a truly international YPF as well shall we start in Germany? Yes, well you should by now be aware of my quest for black opal uni, Opal comes from Germany thus one spoke nicely to the very lovely Susann who fixed it for me (ref...) to get some direct from opal (cos they are mean and dont ship to the UK) sooo seeing as i was getting black stuff might as well get more...
The black for my entrelac sockie and Regenbogen to do Mermaid socks
Mother also bought yarn (boy did she) but you'll have to visit her blog to see it cos well its hers
There is some disputed territory however as one of the things i ordered was unavailable so they send a free skein of Herbstmelodie (how nice are they) which as yet has not been claimed so it may show up on both blogs..
Pretty huh.
As well as shiny yarn goodness Susann also send me a German knitting mag and what she termed some "embarrasing" books so that i can practise my German again
Also in the package was some nice hazelnut brittle choccies, not pictured not because i have eaten then all but because i had put them away so i dont eat them all in a oner!

Shall now proceed westwards to stuff I've bought myself here... Bad me i know
Pink and goldish 4 ply to knit me some Anemoi mittens cos frankly they rock
And just for a wee whim
These cos they are redonkulously cute!!
We shall now proceed on our yarn tour to the US now this is where my geography lets me down but I'll try and proceed west in order...

First up my very own colourway!!
Bumblefee Sock yarn!! Hand dyed by the ever so talented and fabulous Artsygal and then bought from her shop. She had been chatting and asking for colour suggestions and i put forward this and here it is my very own yarn. Its yummy gonna knit me some v-special sockie with this i thinks altho mother did suggest i should just display it and pet it now and then...

Next my sweet swap parcel from Zanne who very kindly since she knows of my attempts to svelte sent other things than sweeties wheeeeSome smelly stuff which is num, 3 (there were 4 ho hum) little choccy mousey things, a big dod of fudge some laffy taffy and a tim with some yarn and a pattern and stuffing.
Shall we look more closely at the yarn?Some Pagonia Cotton, tis squidgable!!!

Last and by no means least some more custom dying just for meeeee. KnittingKitty has just started dying fiber and i saw one of her colourways that i liked but asked could it be in pink and thus here it isPink and Pewter BFL, I've heard BFL is easier to spin that merino so now i can find out. You can get some squicshy yarn of your own in her etsy store Dragonfibers

And thats it, I am now on a strict yarn diet so there might not be any for a while but well if you believe that...

Remember kids support your local knitty!!


Susann said...

Arrgh! That's even more embarrassing now that you put those books into the open! ;-) How do you like the magazine?

turtlegirl76 said...

Awesome haul! Isn't the BFL so freakin' soft? Emma does a fantastic job with her dying. As does ArstyGal. Just watching the wheels turn in her head last weekend while wandering the booths at MDSW was cool. We have a similar taste in colors.

emma said...

Wow, that was some fast shipping! I hope the colors were what you were looking for. I can't wait to see what you spin with it.