Thursday, May 31, 2007

To Recap

Yes i havent posted in a week or so, I have been collecting photoes tho...

First an FO hurrah i finished something!!Dream swatch scarf from knitandtonic in SWTC bamboo in Serendipity. Quite glad to finish this, tho i need to block it again.

This week i made pancakes according tothe recipe Sarah sent me along with the mold
Pancakes went down very well father thot them to be especially tasty, thanks for the recipe!

I also had a wee spinny on the wheel:
Seems to be going reasonably well so far, shall keep you posted.

Monday, damama and i took the auldies to Peebles for their hodilays and had a wee wander round, I may be beaten for this...
I was instructed to buy myself something nice, that wasnt from a charity shop thus i bought this:
Which leads me to the other purchases i made this week
Yarn pirate!!! wheeeeee
Jelly lounger! this one and a green one for my dear friend, we shall take them on day trips and lounge in the sun (haha)!!

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