Friday, June 01, 2007

Fibre Pron Friday!

Had another little accident on ebay...
Now we have this wheel might as well get some more things to spin on it!

Tussah silk:
cherry truffle, mmmHighlanderParrot
Mardi Gras

Different Sheepies:Masham, which apparently is a Yorkshire cross breed but it looks like it will be nice, quite silky and long fibres, will see how it spins...
Corriedale, rather squishyWensleydale, i dont think this picture does justice how rich this blue is, its loverly!
Zetwarble, a rare dutch breed.

Non sheepie
Possum! interesting no..

There is a couple more bits but as they are mothers I'll let her show em off

Lastly, so that we can spin these and anything else in the future i also bought a maintence kit
Now i must away and make my self beautiful!

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