Sunday, June 17, 2007

Extreme Makeover: Spinning Wheel Edition

So we start with the before shots right?One Ashford traditional wheel in a dark slightly grubby looking stain. Do we think a make over is needed??

Well some deep exfoliation and chemical peel followed by a new treatement results in:Thats pretty ,much the natural colour of the wood enhanced by a few coats of varnish. Decided to leave the spokes dark as well for a start it was easier but i think it looks really good.
Shiny new hooks and a tension knob made by my daddy.
Looks much better dontcha think, and only minor injuries...

Big thanks go out to my dad and his batalion of sanders (seriously he has about 5 different ones...)


Artsygal said...

WOW.. what a difference! Though.. it was purty dark too!

natalie said...

It looks wonderful, you can even see the grain on the wheel now. Well done.