Monday, June 04, 2007

Brace Yourself!

So, you'd be forgiven for thinking that there hasnt been all that much knitting going on in these parts recently...

Well you would be wrong! Its been happening in secret behind the scenes since there are so many birthdays between march and june I've kinda been saving up for a big expose!

So kinda in chronological order but kinda not...

First up Mavor's pressie a 8 foot long scarf!!
Yarn is Colinette One Zero in Crayon and Graffitti in Velvet Leaf (or maybe Olive not 100%) Pattern is the drop stitch wrap (modified to make it narrower i think 12 st not 18?). This believe it or not took me a night, thats right 8 foot of scarf in a night (woo drop stitches!)

Next! Kezmoan whom does swing dancing thus a nice bright (damn bright) shawl for herIts the Red hat Lady shawl in knitpicks sparkles in sunset. took rather longer than a night to knit, a large portion was knitted in the canteen at uni!

Then mothers, which was a biggy this year, i shouldnt divulge what but lets say it ended in a zero ;) thus she got a big gift
A cardi from a sirdar pattern exactly which escapes me right now knitted in Sirdar Supernova Super chunky in damson tweed (3 days after i finished this she declared she didnt like cardigans...)
So its just as well i had plenty yarn left and decided to do this as well
Boogie Vest in the same yarn, mmm twinsetty
I also did this
A grooming mitt (not that its much use to her now but thats against the point) Knitted with baler twine, i modified a basic mitten pattern, omitted the thumb used seed stitch to make it more bumply used big needles. (if you want an exact pattern get in touch email addy is up there). Could be made as an exfoliating mitt if finer twine were used...

Technically if we are going Chronologically Danny is next but well he's not you'll see why in a minute.

Next is Jacqui who hasnt actually had her birthday yet but got her pressie early
Clemintine from Spring IK, yarn is blue sky alpacas alpaca silk in ruby. I liked this its squishy.

Now we can get to Danny who despite it being his birthday nearly 2 months ago i only finished his pressie yesterday but boy am i glad. May i present the Sweater of Doom in all its finally finished glory!
Very kindly modelled by my dad! This thing took ages!!!
Yarn is patons washed haze aran in dark denim pattern is Leo
Soon this will be laufted to Edinburgh to its final home!


prairiegirl said...

Holy smokes you've been busy, Fee!!!!

Everything looks so wonderful!

Susann said...

The Sweater of Doom looks so lovely! It was well worth the effort.h