Tuesday, February 27, 2007

WIP WIP wooray

So you may have noticed the large amount of things that are in progress from my wee bars over there... i think i have knitting ADD that and too many birthdays in too short a time so i will have a bit of an expose on the WIPS.

First off the group shot, bit alarming when you see em all like this
Individuallly in order of starting them:

The sweater of doom aka Danny's Sweater for his birthday 8th or April still a front and a sleeve to go is it gonna happen?Its getting there slowly...
Next Dream swatch scarf, has been put on the back burner a bit as its for me thus no rush what so everBamboo is pretty

I think the next in line would be the pirate bag, aka double knitting of doom its going slowly and also been put of in favour of more urgent mattersOne side is red and one side is black see... Also notice little goober holding the end of the circ together thats my yarn guide best £1.30 (plus postage) i ever spent makes things so much easier!

Next Shawl of eternal and everlasting doom. can you tell i am not loving this, its getting better now but at first it seemed to be getting nowhere oh and did i mention its all garter stitch all 160 rows of it.But well its for my friends birthday so i will perserver hopefully i can get it finished and posted by the 16th of March...

These next 2 are for the sake of completeness tho i dunno if they really count

Poly bag knitting started at the museum for demo purposes it
will ultimately be a bag if i ever get round to doing anything more with it

This is a test swatch for something i am kinda trying to design its more to see if all these ideas i have in my head are physically translatable to knitting
Yup 3 colour work and cables, am i mad? prolly...

Lastly the most recent start and that which is likely to be needed the quickest! Its the beginnings of the Pea Pod set (from IK knits, will link pattern when its done) and is for one of my dads coworkers who's wife is due to sprong next week thus i need to be getting a wriggle on!
Its coming on quite quick and look:Lace!! albeit kinda bumpy unblocked stuff but still lace!!!

So yes WIPs ago go...

Saturday, February 24, 2007


I've been doing me some shopping... Yesterday on the way home mother and i went to costco, i got this top:

We will be ignoring the double chin action in these pics ok! Dont i look all 60s! We also got this, which meant i spend a portion of yesterday lying in the back of my mums car in costco carpark to see if it would fit (it did eventually with much angling and swearing)
Twas a little dark out side.
Today we went up the street i got a hairband (as seen above and below). Then we went to New Lanark, mainly for yarn (coming up) but there was a sale in the Woolen Mill place, mother said it would be crap i said a sale is a sale, she got 2 jumpers (gonna be crap eh?) and i got this:

Feel like i should be going to play golf, but i like it! I also raided their cheap jewellry section again:

Pearl necklace thing, just like the queen, pretty earrings and a bracelet and to go with the necklace

Scary close up of my ear! Then the main purpose of the trip aran yarn for experimental purposes

twas a bit soggy out so had to leave it in its wee pokes, was also gettn dark but you get the idea!
Lastly the results of shopping i did thru the week, i bought a plain yellow tshirt cos it was cheap and then put my own design on it whadda ya think:

If you cant see it says all the cool kids knit, which is true!

My daddy was in Paris a coupla weeks ago and brought me this back:

A Scarf with a fluffy hood! am i not glam and Parisienne?

Think thats me, lotsa piccys!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A week in minutes!

Oki so yes again its been a while but well a lots been going on.
I fixed my puta woo yay, i got mosta my stuff back bigger woo yay! It wasnt cheap but well hey ho!
Then the majority of my Wednesday was taken up by essay writing (yes Valentines day, but well its pointless and no boy!)
Thursday is pub quiz day, we won the first round and got this:
We shall call him Bob and he will be our mascot! Because of this Friday evening i did this:NTP=National Tea Party our team name! Spiffy!
Saturday parental units came we went to art gallery again, not a lot else went on tht i can remember.
Sunday I KIPed for 7 hours! The Eduinburgh Stitch n Bitch group City Knitty that i go to got invited to do a sorta demo at the National Museum, knitting with unusual materials so we went along armed with poly bags and wire and chatted to people and what not, twas rather fun
here is Liz and Hugh knitting away!
Monday i had pancakes, Tuesday i went to the theatre
Today i went to the cinema then shopping (via the art gallery for the 3rd time) I got these:For a fiver!!!
funky no?
now i must knit the evil things

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Muppetry and Mourning

I forgot to mention yesterday that my computer got very very ill this week, in fact it may well be terminal but i havent brought myself to try and fix it yet... So thats a bummer all round, 5 years worth of stuff swallowed by the big you didnt back up you eejit blackhole, altho i do still have some of it on this puta so its not all lost but still you know!

Also a slight correction to thelist of things from glittr, the chocolate as i discovered upon going to eat it is not in fact a chocolate its a little pot of cunningly disguised lip balm!

Just goes to show you cant judge a book by its cover...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Packages Galore!

Now i have my camera back i can post properly. First the catch up, I knitted my handspun wheeee

Sorry about the blurry photo even with the macro on it still didnt like it (the advantage of the blur is you cant see my goosepimples i was cold when i took this!) I didnt have much but it was enough for this wee cuff, i like it!

Now Parcels! first as promised the package from the lovely String :

In the pic we can see 4 balls of knitpicks wool of the andes in blueberry and i think wine (cant be arsed getting up to check) 3 balls of knitpicks sparkles in sunset (the 4th is currently otn!) its very bright!, some nice cards, postits and a magnetic shopping list, v-handy!! There is also a hersheys n more mallow bar and a lifesaver. Not in the picture because it already went in my tummy, 2 lollies, more lifesavers another herseys bar (shortly after the pic was taken the second followed the first!) and some easy mac yum! Thanks String!

Now todays, It really is what they say good things come in small packages! i recieved this little box from glittrgirl :

it contained all this!

We have a v-nice purple beret that i have been sporting all day (was a good look for going to an art gallery i thot), some very very nice greeny blue yarn, a book "At knits end" by the yarn harlot, which i have looked at on more than one occasion and thot i wantee and its v-good! a brooch and necklace, some soap wittily called soapal fruit for those of you who remember starburst before they were starburst! 2 candles, a wee choccie and a little teapot shapped teabag dish

One is terribly chuffed, big thanks to glittr on that one!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I span!!

Yes I'm not dead, have been doing uni work and having a vague social life terribly inconvieniant i know! i also have not got my camera at the moment so despite having lots of things i could take photoes of to blog i cant! this i only happen to have a photo of because i took it at home! Anyway this is my first attempt at properly spinning and plying, isnt it pretty (i also love this photo i think its very arty!) its merino ooh, I've already knitted it up and its fine, i would show you were it not for the lack of camera! I also got a very nice package from the ole USofA more on that when i get my camera back!!