Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A week in minutes!

Oki so yes again its been a while but well a lots been going on.
I fixed my puta woo yay, i got mosta my stuff back bigger woo yay! It wasnt cheap but well hey ho!
Then the majority of my Wednesday was taken up by essay writing (yes Valentines day, but well its pointless and no boy!)
Thursday is pub quiz day, we won the first round and got this:
We shall call him Bob and he will be our mascot! Because of this Friday evening i did this:NTP=National Tea Party our team name! Spiffy!
Saturday parental units came we went to art gallery again, not a lot else went on tht i can remember.
Sunday I KIPed for 7 hours! The Eduinburgh Stitch n Bitch group City Knitty that i go to got invited to do a sorta demo at the National Museum, knitting with unusual materials so we went along armed with poly bags and wire and chatted to people and what not, twas rather fun
here is Liz and Hugh knitting away!
Monday i had pancakes, Tuesday i went to the theatre
Today i went to the cinema then shopping (via the art gallery for the 3rd time) I got these:For a fiver!!!
funky no?
now i must knit the evil things

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