Saturday, February 10, 2007

Packages Galore!

Now i have my camera back i can post properly. First the catch up, I knitted my handspun wheeee

Sorry about the blurry photo even with the macro on it still didnt like it (the advantage of the blur is you cant see my goosepimples i was cold when i took this!) I didnt have much but it was enough for this wee cuff, i like it!

Now Parcels! first as promised the package from the lovely String :

In the pic we can see 4 balls of knitpicks wool of the andes in blueberry and i think wine (cant be arsed getting up to check) 3 balls of knitpicks sparkles in sunset (the 4th is currently otn!) its very bright!, some nice cards, postits and a magnetic shopping list, v-handy!! There is also a hersheys n more mallow bar and a lifesaver. Not in the picture because it already went in my tummy, 2 lollies, more lifesavers another herseys bar (shortly after the pic was taken the second followed the first!) and some easy mac yum! Thanks String!

Now todays, It really is what they say good things come in small packages! i recieved this little box from glittrgirl :

it contained all this!

We have a v-nice purple beret that i have been sporting all day (was a good look for going to an art gallery i thot), some very very nice greeny blue yarn, a book "At knits end" by the yarn harlot, which i have looked at on more than one occasion and thot i wantee and its v-good! a brooch and necklace, some soap wittily called soapal fruit for those of you who remember starburst before they were starburst! 2 candles, a wee choccie and a little teapot shapped teabag dish

One is terribly chuffed, big thanks to glittr on that one!

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