Saturday, February 24, 2007


I've been doing me some shopping... Yesterday on the way home mother and i went to costco, i got this top:

We will be ignoring the double chin action in these pics ok! Dont i look all 60s! We also got this, which meant i spend a portion of yesterday lying in the back of my mums car in costco carpark to see if it would fit (it did eventually with much angling and swearing)
Twas a little dark out side.
Today we went up the street i got a hairband (as seen above and below). Then we went to New Lanark, mainly for yarn (coming up) but there was a sale in the Woolen Mill place, mother said it would be crap i said a sale is a sale, she got 2 jumpers (gonna be crap eh?) and i got this:

Feel like i should be going to play golf, but i like it! I also raided their cheap jewellry section again:

Pearl necklace thing, just like the queen, pretty earrings and a bracelet and to go with the necklace

Scary close up of my ear! Then the main purpose of the trip aran yarn for experimental purposes

twas a bit soggy out so had to leave it in its wee pokes, was also gettn dark but you get the idea!
Lastly the results of shopping i did thru the week, i bought a plain yellow tshirt cos it was cheap and then put my own design on it whadda ya think:

If you cant see it says all the cool kids knit, which is true!

My daddy was in Paris a coupla weeks ago and brought me this back:

A Scarf with a fluffy hood! am i not glam and Parisienne?

Think thats me, lotsa piccys!

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