Monday, June 04, 2007

Great Vegetable Experiment 07, Day 92

Hmm its been a while since i gave you veggie progress...

Start with inside where the photography when a little wonky, think there may have been odd lighting levels no matter
Big tomatoes (and me in my jammies)
Some tomatoes! Top ones on wee plant bottom on big chaps again apoligies for the cruddy photoes.
Courgette with a big yellow flower! About the 4th flower i think but since they only seem to flower one at a time i dunno whether the earlier ones would be fertilized, to this end i have harvested pollen from this one to put on the next one
Pepper being kinda crowded by the other plants, with wee beginnings of flower buds
Cotton (with courgette polleny paintbrush...)
flax, a mite leggy, but we see.

Now to outside!
carrots in there barrel, should prolly be thinned at some point...
Onions, still being oniony
Potatoes! lotsa biggies, banked (i think) they are early variety so i think thats meant to be harvested in June but given that we are apparently 3-5 weeks behind the rest of the country means it'll prolly be nearer July

Since its June theoretically there shouldnt be any more frost (haha famous last words) so the cloches came offPeas, with little white flowers

Um Cauliflower, Cabbage and Broccolli (dont ask me which is which havent a scooby) something does appear to be having a wee bitty of a munchity crunchity but nothing major.

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