Monday, June 25, 2007

Ovine, Camelid and ....Danny?

I went to the Highland Show yesterday it was fun. I got an entry for the handicrafts comp for next year!

I also took pictures of livestock!An alpaca! Note the damp fuzzy fence bar, it was chucking it down!
Hebridean Sheepie
Shetland Sheepies
Jacob's Sheepie with da big horns!

And for everyone who asked what Zetwarble was:
Its one of these!

Then since i was in the general area i took the sweater of doom to its forever home much to the joy of Danny who claims its his new favourite jumper.
He looks happy enough anyway!


zyllah said...

He is super hot. It looks fantastic on him too.

Danny said...

It's the best Birthday present ever! x