Friday, May 04, 2007


Gerrad came! Gerrad came!! And boy did he bring some fabby treats!!
Look at all this haul:
Time for the close ups! Now as my fabbtastic SP was Highlanddancemom03 and from Canadia there was a maple theme to the old parcel
First up:A maple leaf pancake mould and a pancake recipe.
And whats a panacake without...
Maple Syrup, geeenyoooine Canadian too,
And to enjoy with it maple hot chocolate sounds yummy to me!
Next up
Maple leaf soap spiffy
And now the yarny goodness, it is Friday after all!
Sock yarn called Scheepjes (best yarn name ever) and a Maple Sugar sock pattern woohoo
Gedifra kid mohair, fully snorgled by both my parents!
Some v-pretty stich markers!
And lastly...
Root beer jelly bellys!!! Thus ensuring my life long and undying love!!!

Thank You Highlanddancemom03!!!


prairiegirl said...

I'm so glad it finally came and that you like it! Don't forget their is one more little surprise coming for you any day now too!!!

Spoiler of Bumblefee aka Highlanddancemom03 aka PrairieGirl (It's a wonder I don't have some sort of multiple personality complex with all those aliases!)

Susann said...

Great haul! I love all things maple!

glittrgirl said...

Nice haul Fee! Your stach must be quite impressive now!

Scottishf said...

Mmm proper maple syrup, you will have some great pancakes. Is your knitting keeping up with these new arrivals?