Monday, April 30, 2007

So how many of you can say you have a yarn?

Thats right i have a yarn named after me and based on me :)

Theres only 1 skein remaining tho so get over to Artsy's shop and snap it up!

You can also check out the yummy lace weight she's got too


prairiegirl said...

That is just oh so cool! I'm going to "investigate" the yarns a little more closely when I get home from work! But a quick glance they do look yummy!

By the way... start stalking the postman soon! (as in next couple of days or so!) I think Gerrard has fallen lame or something at this point. That or nasty customs has got a hold of parcel #3 because of dumb, dumb post office employee here at home who was too busy arguing on his cel phone to be bothered to fill out paperwork properly. Urrggghhhh.

Ceallach said...

I have peas and cotton a-pokin'.

Just needed to tell having a yarn named afta ya, tho!

You can read about it on my bloggy thing.