Saturday, April 14, 2007

Send me a package or 2

I like parcels! Yesterday i got 2 from the US of A!

First from Helen
Yarn, koolaid for dying or drinking at my own risk, an assortment of teas, and a electronic Sudoku, which is proving very taxing to my wee brain!
And cos it was friday Yarn Pron
With added fountain!

Parcel number 2 was Tea i had ordered from Adagio
I love me some tea but even if i didnt i think i woulda got this stuff for the tins! they are so funky! I got coconut, oriental spice and a white tea sampler, be ideal in my wee tea infuser from my SP! By the way i dunno why this looks like it was taken in the dark, it was bright sunshine!

While out taking piccies i took some of other thingsSee that wee black thing on the leaf? Tadpole!
Father! Provider of Yarn and shelter, giving me that why are you taking a picture of me look
Cala Lily my mum bought t'other day.


Helen said...

glad you enjoy! I was enthralled by the yarn i got you. it looks like it is just threads held together and then wrapped with a different colour thread. gorgeous cotton!

String said...

your da looks awfully comfy there to be annoyed with a camera.

Kristen said...

Whoa, awesome packages! I got a package on Friday, too. Twas a good day for knitters the world over.

Kool-aid is okay to drink, but it's full of sugar (don't just add water to that; it's gross. You need sugar). Best to just use it for dyeing.

Susann said...

Oh, Adagio tea is sooo good! Enjoy!