Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fetch me a bandwagon, tho i remain unbiased!

hehe I'm so witty!! Anyway, like it says i jumped on the fetching bandwagon, altho given that i am so far behind in this trend does it make it cool again?? oh well here they are:
Super quick to knit, 1st i did in an evening the 2nd was done in the car to and from Loch Lomond!
Pattern, yarn is Wendy Peter Pan DK shade no 1320

Next! Unbiased, again fairly quick, taken me less than a week (can you tell who is in sweater procrastination mode? Sorry Danny) I did it in 2 different kinds/shades of sari silk for a slightly different effect...
I am looking for ideas as to fastenings any inspirations?
Pattern, Yarn: sari silk
Finally Sock Yarn Pron, in lieu of the traditional Easter Egg my aunt sent me this for my Easter:
Much better than chocolate methinks, tho i did get some choccies too! Its Opal Crazy shade 1903, pretty!!

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Toggle said...

glad the sari silk worked for you.