Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Adventures in Dying

Last thursday i dyed. I was waiting in for parcels to arrive to i had a wee play.

I started with this
Fairly non descript beigey wool.
I skeined it and put it to soak with some salt and vinegar (like having chips!)While it soaked i made up dying solutions, common or garden food colouring diluted with water
Colours are pretty much the same as the glasses apart from the red one at the far right contains purple (can you see where i am going)
Yarn went in a bowl, and dye squooshed on with some syringes (hurrah for science family)
Yarn went in the microwave, then got washed and hung out to dry
Once dried i (detangled and) reskiened the results:

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Scottishf said...

Ooo very nice I like it!