Friday, April 27, 2007

Yarn Pron Friday and then some

Yarn yarn yarn i love yarn!!

First opal to go with the acidental brown from last week to make entrelac sockiesThey do look rather spiffy together so they do.

Next i would like to nominate this for the most snorgletastic yarn ever, Blue Skys Alpaca, Alpaca Silk in Ruby to knit a birthday pressieIts come out quite pink, its far reder than that in reality, again its yummy

Non Yarn pron:

The teeniest circular needle in the World (maybe)Its a 12" 2mm and its very cute, i wanna start knitting with it now!!! Sockies!

Next a parcel from SueDominitrix, been eyeing it up for a while, when she said it was being sold i raised my grubby paw and a CD of sensational alex harvey band for meeee.

1 comment:

Sea Anemone said...

I love those wee needles. Absolute favorite needle for socks. Ever. :)