Thursday, April 05, 2007

On The Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond

Today me and my dear friend Miss Mavor went to Luss, upon the banks of loch lomond. It was a gorgeous sunny day! first off we made a friend:how cute is this wee chap?? very friendly too hurried over to speak to us.

Very very pretty hence the following gratuitous and potentially repetative scenery pictures
from the beachducks! (yes not scenery but well)
mountains! and a big black car...
Ben Lomond!
We went on a boat trip
I love boats! On the boat we took more pictures!View back towards Luss, inc random big hill...
Looking the other way up the Loch
Up the valley to the North, looks almost like a painting!
More large hills/mountains
Pretty church we wandered round the grounds of (hazy picture boo)
We eyeballed houses we could never afford
Good Loch view.
On a peninsula jutting into the Loch, must be very pretty!!

And of course there was some shopping to be done!
I got these for myself
Coo Earrings! so cute

I got a present for mother
Then finally we went to a random sorta factory outlet place (not terribly inspiring) but i got these:
Book of stitches, always handy and a general how to type book for those extra wee pointers noo and again!

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Kristen said...

Some of those lake/mountain pictures really do look like paintings. I'm so jealous!

Also, the word verification word for this comment is mcfeyluv. HM!