Wednesday, May 23, 2007

While you were out....

I came home to find parcels! Firstly from my fabby SP highlanddancemom03 a wee parcel with some very nice pink yarn which looks like it may be handspun? There wasnt anything indicating anything about it in the parcel but my squidge sensors suggest some alpaca content? Whatever it is its loverly!
Also some very nice roving:Which was very handy seeing as how just befre i went away i had a wee accident on ebay and well bought this:

Its an Ashford i believe tradional but its quite lovely, might need a wee bitty tinkering with, and for me to learn how to use it properly but well i ave a wheel wheeeee
It also came with the usual bits and bobs
Lazy Kate and niddy noddy and some fleece for playing with!


kerrie said...

alpaca and silk - sorry, I should have labelled it seeing as it was ordered FOR you and not BY you. Glad it arrived safely.

prairiegirl said...

Glad you like the little surprise in the mail! I have completely fallen in love with Hip Knits shop! My only disappointment being that it's so far away from me here!


Susann said...

WOW! That's just gorgeous! I used an Ashford traditional in ma spinning lessons and loved it.h