Monday, May 14, 2007

Love Thy Knitty

I've been doing me some more shopping at the mall of the knitties. I bought these:
Lovely lovely stitchmarkers made by Ana that she sells in her shop I got me a little selection of her wares tho i could be tempted to order me some more especially of the wee pink ones most pretty!!

Next specially for CKPictures of my flax seedlings which are positively shooting up this is a week of growth!! Seem to be fairly basic Dicot leave layout.

Lastly, I was sat here last night when i heard a squealling looked out the window and there were a couple of kittys in the garden possibly fighting or at least giving each other a good square go but whatever one of them was giant! look at this beast:This was as much of a close up as i could get from my window, i tried to zoom more but they went blurry but ya get the idea, thats one big assed kitty!!

1 comment:

Ceallach said...

Awwww, fee's so fey!

thanks for posting the linkee.

If'n I got flax, they are farther along than this. I will give them a bit more to see if'n they are flax or weed.

I plan to get DH to restart the water in the spot so that if they are, they get some water.