Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The train keeps a rollin'

10 trains, 4 buses, 3 tubes and 4 cars later and I'm home!!
Went on a little adventure, partly to visit my friend Kerrie and partly to hook up with some Knitties!

My main stop was Oxford which is very nice! Spent most of Thursday on a train getting there so it should well be, had cheap dinner and that was about it! Observed Kerries envy inspiring garden:

Yes thats the bottom of the garden with a river and boats!!

Friday i went into London to meet up with Sue and toggle. First tried to find a shop which as it turns out missed by a hairs breadth! Also looked at granny square blankets in Cath Kidson (£125! Acrylic!) Then we went to the natural history museum, via the V+A for luncheon.

Sue outside the Natural History museum, I'll leave the rest of the picture to your imagination..
L-R Sue, toggle's girlchild, toggle on giant lips!

We went round the NH museum looked at dinosaurs (including the 2 wang o saurus) animals and shiny shiny rocks!! All in all twas a splendid way to spend an afternoon!!
Friday evening I went scuba diving!! Just a try dive thing in the swimming pool, it was surprisingly fun and i didnt drown, I also got a certificate!

Saturday we did Oxford things, Kerrie's boyfriend Chris joined us. He is an Oxford Don (something in the Uni) so we got a fair look round the uni and i have lots of nice piccies of Oxford from atop a tower.
First we went punting as thats like the law or something, thankfully Chris also used to race punts so we didnt have to worry about trying to do it ourselves, we saw at least 1 person who got it wrong and ended up in the river!!

Kerrie and Chris apunting
Then we went to try and find yarn shops, there arent any it seems... Then had yummo bangers and mash.
Saturday night there was a special evening at the Natural History and Anthropology musuem in Oxford, which was really quite fun there was Tibetan monks

African gumboot dancers, and a torchlight trail round the anthropology part, glow in the dark scorpions and lots of other things to see, it really was worth going to and i think may require a further visit as we didnt see everything!

Sunday it was back onto a train to sunny (surprisingly it was) Yorkshire to visit the delightful Yorkie and her family in her very very nice house! Was a very much whistle stop visit, Sunday night was knitting and gabbing (is there a finer way to pass an evening). Monday we went for a wee walk round the very quaint (hahahahahaha) village, up the hill:

to an old ruined church with a grave of a woman who died in 1743 aged nearly 120 which is quite an achievement if you ask me!

All in all a splendid weekend, tho if someone can invent a matter transporter before my next trip i would be most grateful

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Ceallach said...

Pretty freaky.....I was like, how'd my pic get there.....?

But it's Yorkie, which is tooo weird.

Like looking in the mirror thing.