Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter Woolies!

Whats this? Knitting something that isnt a cosy for some form of electrical device? Shocker!

However I havent quite managed to escape the knitting for others tho.

After we went to see the film that shall not be spoke of my dear friend Katy decided that she musthave the mittens in it thusi was set to task, a quick ravelry search yielded multiple patterns but i went for the freest and the chunkiest as i felt them truest to the original, yarn was ordered (i had actually hoped it would be darker, boo to monitor colour shindiggery). Yarn arrived and 2 days later Katy had mittens:
I do not seem to have escaped the knitting for others loop as now her mum wants a pair, thus i have to find a nice black chunky weight yarn...
Details: Yarn is patons Inca and the Pattern is Bella's Mittens from here. Rav it up over here.
It was a good pattern to knit and cos of the chunkyness quick quick.

I have managed to fit in some knitting for me! Its cold and the only hats i have are either a touch big or a touch smAll and tend to compress my hairto the point that i cant see thus a new one was in order...


(excuse the emo hair it needs cutting)

Back:Its Meret by Wooly Wormhead, the first time I've tried one of her patterns and I must say it was a very pleasent experience, it was a super quick knit, only a couple of evenings simple but not boring and the end result is ace, it also gave me a good reason to trymy new blocking boards.
The yarn is Arawhatsit nature wool solids and apparently neverending, i started with 2 balls, knit a pair of quite large slippers, then this hat and still have over half a ball left! What next?
Rav details.

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