Saturday, January 10, 2009

In which i once again return from falling off the planet...

So December kinda disappeared huh. I have excuses I started my new job (its good so far), went to my friends wedding (pictures here) Anthony was over, and I got a horrible horrible cold flu thing that knocked me for six, my lungs are still trying to escape.

I have not however been entirely idle in this time.

I finished my scarf:

Its a bit too long for proper pictures! Its Backyard Leaves from the scarf style book, in Knitpicks Andean Silk in i believe appropriately leaf, rav detailios.

I also got the christmas stockings done in time (altho mine was finished late xmas eve due to afore mentioned illness)

Anthony's was lined cos well the colourwork was a bit scrappy on the inside. Details

Illness also meant that the one piece of xmas knitting i was doing wasnt finished in time but daddy didnt mind:

Alpine sweater from the lionbrand site knit in Knitpicks Swish (Which is very nice) in delft heather and indigo heather (which may have been a little purple, damn you colour representation on monitors...)

I then seem to have got myself into some what of a loop. It started with this:
A little iphone case for my friend, because since living in edinburgh and being a posh lawyer she has become a ya (tho we still love her) thus i decided her phone needed a ya sweater too. knit as per the pattern.

My dad saw it and said oh i know someone that keeps theirs in a sock could you knit him one. So I did:Again close to the pattern except knit in the round and the bottom grafted
My other friend saw it and said hey can you knit me one for my camera

So I did, this time again in the round but using the chart from the Anemoi mittens. Then my dad decided he wanted a case for his SatNav/GPS (depending on your nationality)
Thus i did, I had asked what he wanted on it he said (i think) jokingly the World, well I aint one to shirk from a challenge so a chart of the World was drawn up, I also made it a wee bitty wider and longer to accomodate the chart/beastie.

I had decided that my 5 year old ipod was getting a bit past it (30 minute battery life anyone) and that a larger capacity would be fun, so a new ipod was got (and new headphones as you can see) thus it needed a case to keep it shinyKnit in the round on less stiches for more snugglyness, at this point i wanted it done quick so dispensed with the colourwork, I also changed the rib to 1x1 to make the top tighter so there was no need for a button etc.

I then showed this to my friend at work who then asked if i could do one for her DS

I did, this time knit in chunky not DK, as i didnt think i had any red DK, as it happens i do but this made it quicker. knitted to fit the DS.

They are all based in varying degrees of looseness on the Argyle Iphone Sweater and mostly (appart from the first one) knit in acrylic. Ravel it up here and here and here and here and here and here.

I am not showing them to anyone ever again....

I do still have the stoopid sock in progress which make good train knitting and my silk cardi has a body:

The sleeves are mostly done but its all being ignored due to the 5 cosies in the past 10 days and now I am knitting my friend mittens based on the ones in Twilight (which you really dont want to get me started on)

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Anonymous said...

wow! the world thing for the sat nav is amazing!

also, glad you had a good christmas, and are enjoying the job, and get well soon!