Sunday, November 30, 2008

WIPdate: week 4

Or is it 5? I cant remember. So here we are, end of November, managed to post everyday woo me, now I can go back to only posting when i have actyual content.

I didnt get my sweater finished but considering that since the last week of October I have knit 2 sweaters, a pair of mittens, most of a scarf, some fingerless gloves, a xmas stocking, slippers a washcloth and another scarf I reakon thats pretty good going.

As for the Wips, the only postable change has been in scarf:

It has grown a bit from last week, got 4 and a half repeats left so really only an evening or so's worth of knitting, when i can actually be bothere (not tonight too tired).
As for the socks I think they have had half a row knitted on them since last week, oh well.

I do think its time for more casting on soon.

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