Monday, November 24, 2008

3 In a week!

Anyone who has been paying attention will have noticed an absent project from yesterdays WIP line up, that gentle reader is because they are no longer a WIP

Convertible mittens:Finished sometime in the wee hours of Sunday morning during an all night transatlantic intercontinental gaming session, that was all a dream!
Pattern is Convertible Mittens, yarn is Per Trving something something that i inherited from somewhere (Yorkie?), knit 2 at once on a 32" circ. Rav stuff.

As they go they are alright, bit wide in the hand and i got bored of the flap so its a little short but bearable, I suspect there are also a couple errors in the pattern that i didnt notice til i had knit all the hands which means that the beads are in differnt places on the 2 mittens but they will do the job and the ladybug buttons are cute.

I also managed to kill my windows install today (I blame facebook) so I am on borrowed computers til an XP disc can be located.

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