Monday, November 10, 2008

Adventures in Stash Organisation

Today I started with this:

My big corner unit filled with a random jumble of somewhat intertwined yarn.

Once emptied out i had this:
From a different angle perhaps?
Now I am not sure if this constitutes a lot, I suspect to a non knitter it would but to a knitter prolly not.

Just for an idea this is what the unit looks like empty:
Its quite deep...

After a few hours of organising (and playing Spore) I have this:
Which you might say looks emptier, is that due to etter organisatio?

Frankly no, its due to running out of bags, I still have all this:

Left on my bed (which needs to find a home before i can go to sleep...) But there is increases organisation. I should add that isnt all my yarn thats just the has no purpose as of yet stash, i have a sizeable tote box that has the planned project yarn stash.

And of course there is the sock yarn stash. After a convo last night on having lots of sock yarn when you dont care much for knitting socks (which i dont) I decided to get it out and photo it. In its normal home it looks like this:
When all laid out for examination:
I think I win...

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CJ said...

Ok fine, you win! You have a veryyyy pretty yarn stash. You're lucky that you live so far away, otherwise I would be sneaky sneaking over to snag some of your stash. Muahahaha!