Thursday, March 20, 2008

Introducing Venus...

"The new venus" or at least I'm sure she was back in the 1970s or whenever when my mum got her! but I have claimed her as knitwear model extrordinare and other such shenanigans. Thus allow me to introduce Venus:
Who clearly has no shame.

Next, on my drive to do skyence every day i pass a lot of sheep what with it being the countryside n all, ans as it is that time of year there are lambs a plenty.

First up regular common or garden ones with a twist:
They decided waslking away as the photo was being taken was a good plan. There are several fields of lambs all in there wee blue jackets, which apparently save a lot of lifes cos if wee bodies get wet they get very cold very quickly.

Then there are a field of Zewarbles which i couldnt get brilliant pictures of but you get the idea
The lambs are stupid cute, pure black save a white blaze and wee socks with ears at right angles to their heads.

Next, In shocking events there has been knitting, finished knitting even!

Yet another Saturday morning bag, this time in knit picks sparkles in sunset and sirdar firefly in midnight (suitably themey colourways no?) really i think this is so fug its fab! Also the 4 I have made thus far got a testing at Tesco this eve and fared well.

And therres more...

The clap! really it is infectious. in Lornas laces shepard sock in daffodil, hence the flowers behind it.

And of course as i couldnt possibly just have 2 WIPs I cast on again for the entrelac socks with smaller needles, still seemed a bit wide but i perseverd and it seems oki now:

Thats it, I'm on holiday for 3 weeks so maybe I'll get round to posting more than weekly, tho reports have to be written and boyfriends shall be visited so we'll see

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