Sunday, March 02, 2008

The start of a new obsession...

First off i suppose i have some catching up to do, I finished the sockies, the 2nd was much quicker, isnt knowing what you are doing fabulous. Thus:The only thing i could find that was baby leg sized was some spice jars.
Yarn is brown sheep wildfoote in columbine, pattern be here

Next the purchases! By popular demand a picture of my new fabulous shoes:

Arent they pretty?

And most bargainiferousyness:
Hippo fabric! about 2 or 3 metres maybe more, how much did it cost me?? 50p!!! From the bargain corner in Ikea wheee

Close up of a hippo! I think i will make it a very cute summer dress!

Next, another FO and the subject of the title:

Another Saturday morning market bag, this time in Rowan Linen print in blush. Once again with the modifications, in the round, only 60 stitches and i made 2 handles not one.
Dont we think the pictures have a certain New England colonial quality?

Which brings me to the obsession forming, the bag contains balls of yarn which will equally be made into thes e bags, i think i will end up with 7 or so when i am done including this one :
I got a tub of hama style beads for 37p and figured that they would brighten up a fairly dull beigy yarn and make a cute bag, so we'll see.

However trying to knit with yarn with several thousand beads on it is somewhat troubling so i developed a systemHanging the yarn over the light in a pulley esque system!!

I think thats it for now, adios!


SiressYorkie said...

Beads! Beads from the chandelier! That's really wacky!

Love the red shoes...perfect for FeeFeet.

String said...

/me steals your shoes. I cannot say how much I love them, there are not words. Be very very happy that you don't wear my size.

glittrgirl said...

Gorgeous feet furniture! I love red shoes :)

Barb said...

so here I am....settling in for the night, engrossed my book (Toujours Provence by Peter Mayle) and I look up at the television, and what do I see?!?!? Deep fried Mars bars and Haggis! I must write Miss Fiona. Immediately!!!!

Luv Ya!

(how on EARTH can you eat that?)