Saturday, October 06, 2007


So i have an essay write and am procrastinating (altho i have now put pen to paper or more acurately fingers to keyboard) I am lacking inspiration thus have decidedto go for an intelectul look to see if it helpslike the socks? mother knitted em

This week has been fairly unexciting, first whole week back at uni, got info about projects so I am bimbling about trying to speak to the various supervisors so i can makemy choices, do i go for something interesting but not overly related to my future life or more related less interesting? Not to mention geographical location! Um what else? We were being geeky this week, I had my sparkly red shoes on and the sunwas reflecting off them onto the wall we decided it looked like a time lapse video of cells tht had some sorta fluorescent stain see what you think:

apologise for the crappy quality vid was taken on my phone!

What else has happened? not a lot, played uno always fun. Had some very good Mexican food on Wednesday (Tex Mex II on thistle street in edinburgh if your interested)

I have started drinking coffee again, mainly cos it means i dont need to get off my arse to get milk, my allegiance doesstil lie with the tea tho.

I am rambling i should cease...

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