Tuesday, September 11, 2007


While there hasnt been any knitting, i decided to try my hand at some crochet! I made squares
Squares became a scarf!

wonderfully modeled by mums whim vase.

Its the Pom Pom trimmed scarf from easy crocheted accesories by Carol Meldrum, in Rowan chunky print, girly pink.

We went to New Lanark for free cups of tea, and i resisted buying yarn. I did see Lyndsey and got a bee tattoo woo
the back of my head looking towards New Lanark, note the knitting needles as hair accessories!

There has also been spinning:
Milk protein attempting to be laceweight, more to come...


glittrgirl said...

Scarf! Nice!

String said...

milk protein? Explain!

String said...

you can't have my quilt my grandma made it. all the peicing is done with velvet, satin & brocade scraps