Monday, September 17, 2007

Sock Transportation Devices

Remember this?Sock baggy made by the wonderous Ms Sue.

I promised reviewing?

I have to say its quite spiffy! Good not only for the transportation of sockies but all sortsa knitting projects that are on the smaller scale. Good for carryiong ones purse phoneand other fripperays one carries on a daily basis, Hell i have used mine as a handbag without any knitting content!

I like the wee pockets inthe inside can keep stitch markers from running away as they are prone and the elasticy loops make for good storing of the scissors etc

Generally thumbs up, good size, notto big to be cumbersome, bg enough to hold anything one may require. I do likey!

Now if you have been convinced you can get your very own here

Go forth and shop!


String said...

i want one

tulokyn said...

I want one so bad. They're adorable! I could toss my sock in progress into the top of my backpack inside of that, instead of the yarn in a ziploc and the sock and needles flying every which way among my books. *covet*

Fair isle faerie said...

i got one i got one !!! purple gothic has my name on it !! yay for sue !

I Knit London said...

I have one in yellow and I love it. I have always wanted a knitting back but I must confess that (until now) my socks in progress just went into my manbag with everything else and often got into a fine mess! Not anymore. I'm a changed man! And the pocket really is great!