Monday, September 03, 2007

There has been shopping

One went to East Kilbride in thehopes of getting a new telephonic communications device, this mission failed as i had to phone the customer services to upgrgade, which i have since done shiny new phone arrives 2moro.
East Kilbride has changed somewhat since ones last visit, its become huuuuge and they have a new food court in which i discovered thewonders of Muffin Break! i tell you the place is genius soo many choices, it took a good 5 mins to decide!

Anyway as well as muffin eatting (*titter*) there was shopping, first i went to claires in search of laces for the DMs but i also spotted these and had to have them

My dad asked me how old i am, the answer 6 anda half, but are they not fabulous? and will keep the lugs toasty. As an aside you can also just see the top i got onmy fairly unsucessful shopping trip to glasgow.

I did also fulfil the objective of lace getting:
Dunno if you can see but what look like dots on the blacksquares are skullies.

Also in east kilbride we went for a nebby in some electrical type plaves partly cos i want a car chargerand adapter for my 'pod and partly cos father wanted to look at tellies, anyway on the way out we spotted one of them new fangled tefal quick cup things, father had been intregued by these and i suggested i could get one for my room and thus i did! (i think at least in part cos he wanted to play with it, but he has his flavia anyway) thus i have now a rather sweet set up

TV, computer and kettle all within arms reach!

Close up of kettle, adn my rather bad taste in DVDs but nevermind...

I did me some ebay shopping too
ball winder wheeeee,muchmuch fun has been had making yarn cakes.

Now i dunno if this entirely counts as shopping but well.

Thanks to the genius that is ravelry, i managed to arrage a little swap with the rather spendiferos Trudi for some summer tweed after which i have been hankeri ng for sone time for hoodie knitting porpoises.
Ane because she is extra fabbulous she sent me some rahter spiffy patons jet because i like pink!!yum!!

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