Thursday, August 30, 2007

All the Small Things

And one very big thing! I got me the instruction manual for my knitting machine, as a PDF dad printed it off and presented me with this tome!I think it was a good thing to get, its rather complicated, from reading the instructions we found a whole contorl panel we didbt know was there! and it has a port to attach a floppy drive!!!
So far I have set it up and made Stocking Stitch, havent managed anything more complex as yet...

Next up an FO or 2. A teacher in my dads dept has just had a wee baba and he asked me to knit her summat for him thus:

Cool Blue sweater from Knit Today magazine (issue 12 i think) in Elle Splish Splash.

I also made these to go with it
Saarjties Booties, same yarn

I wasnt sure how much yarn i would have left over at the end as it turns out, not much at all:
I had to shall we say amalgamate some end to finish off, i really thot i was gonna run out on the last strap and buying a new ball for something like 46 stitches would not have been wise!!

so thats that and of course i started something new (check me out with my project monogamy mhm)Holiday Romance off te shoulder top from sSimply Knitting, tis now twice this length wheeee


SiressYorkie said...

That wee jumper is adorable. I'm amazed at how fast you can crank out this stuff. I'm thinking there's a doppleganger Fee wandering about. Trouble is, I'm not sure which is which...

Say hi to Father/Mumble Fee for me.

Trudi said...

I wish I could manage project monogamy. As well as the papoose, two sweaters and a dress I find myself hankering for the delivery of some electric blue chunky I've ordered to knit Patons Urban Aran with, I'm desperately resisting casting on a hat and I made the fatal mistake of buying the Knitting Nature book yesterday. I've run out of project bags and there's yarn everywhere.