Friday, August 10, 2007

yo ho yo ho a pirates life for meeeee

Its finished, its finally finished!! I refer of course to the pirate bag of doom, itd been a slog but i think its been worth it. I finished the actual knitting last night and then with much trepidation i put it into the washing machine this afternoon, my first attempt at felting! I think it went oki, except that i didnt secure the pillow case and it escaped but there dont seem to be any ill effects. I also think y'all should kno that these little chaps are genius for the felting!

Finishing this did also mean that i was WIP free!! For oh all of about 5 mins before i cast on for summat else wheeee
So enough preamble lets get to the picture

Pre felting:
beeeg and saggy, floopy bag

Post felting:
much smaller and sturdier, its gone really dense after felting, the red i think felted a little better than the black which seems to have gone a bit fuzzy wuzzy but hopefully that will tone down, these were taken while its still drying hence the box (which is full of Terry Pratchett books for wieght) to give it shape etc.
Vital statistics

Pattern: Pirate Queen Booty Bag
Yarn: Stuff from New Lanark, cheap and feltable

Now of course like the good little felter that i am i cleaned the fluff filter when i finished...
Its not just me right?


Ashley said...

Yay for finished projects!

The bag looks cute.

Scottishf said...

Looking good!