Friday, May 09, 2008

I know, I know

Again with the sucky blogging but in my defense I have been busy

I had to give my presentation on my project last friday and i needed something to wear thus i pushed to finish the sweater i had been working on:
DNA! fitting no? Its the DNA shell knitted in knitpicks cotlin in morrocco

Talk went ok i think, Ellie took pictures of me recaffinating afterwards:slightly better shot of the DNA

Then being as how we were having a heat waave i decided to knit me some gloves...

First on Sunday i knitted these:

A variation on the theme of Irish Hiking mitts, in Patons SWS which is quite nummy. I took out one of the cable else they were gonna be giant and i knitted in the round and made them a bit longer.

Then on monday i made these:Eowyn from some Rowan booklet in Debbie Bliss Soho, and er yeah thats not a trick of the light, of the 3 balls i had i decided not to use the 2 that were the same dyelot oppsie!
Modelled, i suspect they will be put away til its chilly.

I also made my Sobe "scones"

the inverted commas are there because really these are not entirely scone like, well they are scone but they have things not commonly found in scones, like jalapenos and bacon! still quite tasty tho


Kate said...

Really cute shell. Love the pattern. The scone looks good too.

SiressYorkie said...

The DNA thingie is very, very, VERY beautiful and looks lovely on. Well done! You, as ever, rock the house.

purplejellygem said...

scones sounds yummy!