Saturday, April 26, 2008

hmm..what... oh. Hello

Yes so its been a bit quiet on the blogging front. I havent really done anything blog worthy. Had me some mighty jetlag and didnt sleep for 5 days, during which I had my final exam, that was fun! Think it went ok tho. Finished up project and what not so all i have left is a presentation on Friday so thats good.

There has however been knitting!

I wanted to get something for my project supervisor and figured i would knit him summat, and since the project was on pig DNA well:
I have no idea what the yarn is, stuff that Yorkie gave me she thot it may be Jaeger and it feels like it might have some manner of cashmere and or silk in it. Its squooshy anyway.

Hopefully more exciting things wil happen, or at least there will be more knitting soon!


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purplejellygem said...

awesomes!!!! he'll love it!