Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stripey Goodness

A scarf. For my friend for her birthday. Now this is quite the fortuetous scarf as upon finding out i had started knitting and after i had decided to knit this she said to me ooh you can knit me a scarf and i quote "really long like in Harry Potter". At this juncture i should point out that said birthday is her 23rd and she is about to start her job as a Law trainee (ie a baby lawyer). I also figure as she has just moved to Edinburgh it will take the worst of the chill out of the wind. I am most pleased with this and there is a small temptation to keep it but i have plans for a scarf of my own. The pattern i more or less made up tho took inspiration from one on Its knitted in Wendy Moiselle in melon parfait and designer stiches in hydreangea.

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