Monday, August 21, 2006

The pain the pain

Here we have little slippery type things (and my feet). These as my mother rightly pointed out were actually the first things i started but have only just finished due to starting other things, hence my finish one thing before starting another rule. I had the right one finished like last week sometime possibly before that but the left one i have more or less just done in its entireity in the past 12 hours and my right arm feels like it may fall off at the elbow. The pattern is Turkish Delight by Jean Moss and i used artesano alpaca wool in dusky black, damson, lilac and teal. As the pattern stated that it fitted an "average womans foot" and as previously stated, and you may be able to tell from the pic, i dont exactly have average sized feet so i had to make em a bit longer.

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Anonymous said...

hehehe socks? or shoes?
its a tough one?
its al