Saturday, August 19, 2006

A slight detour

In blatant disregard of my recently decided finish one thing before i start another rule, I knitted a penguin. In my defense time was against me, twas my mates birthday last week and i got him a penguin sponsership at the zoo, basically rent a penguin for a year and i just happened to be browsing patterns the other day and came across this pattern and thought ah ha the very thing thus i went out yesterday and got the wool and thus it was created. I am quite chuffed with myself as its the most complicated thing i have done and i learned a new tecnique (short row shaping) The pattern is i used patons fab dk in black yellow and cream (cos i couldnt get white). I also made use of the fact that i fecked up the stocking stich at one point so it has a wee ridge on his head which kinda fits with it being a rockhopper, to add to the effect i added the little yellow strands around the head.

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